Praying For Skate Ministries Around The World.

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Christmas At Skatechurch

CHRISTmas time at Skatechurch and sharing on the greatest gift ever given,
Immanuel. “God is with us!”

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  Please pray for me and the staff at Skatechurch and the very real battle that we each face week after week reaching one of the toughest areas of our city with the Gospel of Jesus.
  A good ear marker that a Christ follower is doing the Lord’s will is the very real personal battle and conflict that comes from seeking the Lord to discern direction for creating a teaching or praying about a specific person/situation/area that God has placed on your heart to reach and pour into.
Faith in the Word of God + Action = Battle
  The point is:  Please keep praying and rejoicing with us as we are seeing the Kingdom of God advancing over the kingdom of darkness. It is rad to see kids set free from all kinds of sin as we preach Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross every week.
Thank you friends :)
   Tim B.
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Omaha NE @ Liberty Church

Great time in Omaha, NE. repping King Jesus with my friends at Liberty Church and the @220omaha crew.

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Prepping To Speak At A School In Minnesota.

Sharing my faith in Jesus and the power of God’s Word through skateboarding! 

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We Are Going To Costa Rica In January

Liz and I are excited to be going back to Costa Rica this January and partnering with our friends from YWAM and Vital Seed to reach out to the kids and families in Liberia.  There is also a focus on encouraging the local Pastors and ministry leaders in the area as well.

Please continue to pray with us.

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My good friend and bro in Christ, Joel Coombs sharing the Word last night at Skatechurch. Please continue to pray with us, as we reach a tough side of our city with the Gospel of Jesus and skateboarding.

Thanks friends. Tim B.

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Gnarloween At Skatechurch

2 of my favorite local Pastors and friends giving Skatechurch a new look before”Gnarloween”tomorrow night at 6pm. This place will be packed, please pray for the ministry time. The other pic is the trophy I made called the “Terminator award” for best slams :) #Portland

I love this ministry! Such a privilege :)




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Tonight At Skate Church

I made this trophy and harkened back to the very first Tony Hawk Pro Skater game from Playstation.  I told the guys tonight at Skate Church that the best “Video Game trick” from THPS would win the prize. I had know idea that a kid named Austin would blow my mind by landing a perfect “Hardflip late kick flip” off of our stair set. Yes, that is a genuine special trick ripped right out of the game. I’ve been around a lot of amazing skateboarding for well over a decade, but tonight will forever go down in the history of Skate Church and my memories. Here is the link: Click it !


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Ground Zero In Myrtle Beach SC

I had the privilege, alongside the bands #Fireflight and  #RoyalTailor to be a part of the grand opening of Ground Zero in Myrtle Beach S.C. this past weekend! Such a great ministry to the youth of this city. I also had the chance to visit a few schools and talk with students too.

Thanks for praying!

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