We had a few new faces last night at Skate Church. Anthony here won the best trick trophy by wearing a pair of these old poofy Circa shoes. He got a board slide down the handrail for the win, while wearing shoes that are bigger than him ;) I can see that the dudes are really stoked on our weekly contests. I love making trophies and giving stuff away, but even more than that, this is the only place that most of these guys will ever hear the Gospel of Jesus or see older guys like myself and our leaders open the Bible and read it with them.

God is good :) Please pray for our ministry to the skaters here.

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Happy 4TH Everyone

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Skate Church

Justin is a young talented ripper. I always get stoked every week seeing this guy and the great attitude that he has when he walks in the door of Skate Church. Pray for our skaters/leaders as they take the Gospel to the skate parks around our city. 

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I Love My Job

Sometimes the grind boxes/ ledges inside the Skate Church building just don’t have the same feel as grinding your very first car :) “Crooked Grind up and over by none other than Ben Sauer.”

Yep, I’ve found the greatest Pastoring job ever!  



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I <3 Cedar Mill Bible Church’s Kidsfest :)

I did three demos yesterday for the kids VBS  at our church. I had such a rad time hanging with these little noise machines and sharing the love of Jesus. 

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We had such a great weekend of outreach in Alaska this past week.      Join me in praying for these new believers. So awesome!


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Jesus Is Lord!

Sharing the Gospel at City Fest in Fairbanks, AK. A huge thanks to this wonderful city and my friends and ministry partners from the Luis Palau team.  There was a huge response from both main stage and the action sports arena for those that were ready to pass from death to life through the blood of Jesus.   Such a rad opportunity! Thanks for praying with us.



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Alaska Festival with my bro’s

Flying up to Fairbanks, AK to join with my friend Andrew Palau for the Love Alaska Festival. I will be sharing the Gospel in the Action Sports area. Please pray for the team and for the many lives that will encounter the Love of Jesus this weekend. Thanks friends

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Back at RISEFEST for 2014

Even though somehow they got some letters reversed on the last name. I still got love for my friends that put on this amazing festival and outreach ;)  

05/29/2014 – Tim Byrne Coming to RiseFest

RiseFest alumni, pro skateboarder Tim Byrne has just been anounced as another addition to the RiseFest 2014 lineup! With multiple appearances at RiseFest, Tim Byrne is a crowd favorite with his energetic show and powerful message. We are stoked to have him back! Watch him perform Friday AND Saturday. Visit to learn more about Tim and his message.

05/14/2014 – Plumb Added to RiseFest


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New :)

I was drinking coffee on the dock this morning and reflecting back on 14 yrs. of my life in Christ. I looked over and saw this dragonfly breaking free. Reminded me of this verse.

2 Corinthians 5:17

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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