He is Risen Indeed!

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus, is the event that changed my life :)

Thank you Jesus for raising me from the death grips of sin and death!

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Thank You Jesus.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8).


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Pray for our remodel at Skate Church PDX.

Click the link to see and hear the exciting news and genuine ministry that goes on every week here in our beautiful city of Portland OR. Pray and see how the Lord would use you to get involved and partner with us. This will also give you a brief history on the thousands of lives that have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus over the years.


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My Signature Pro Models from 2001-Now

I remember when I was kid and having my dreams of being a Pro Skateboarder. I thought of how rad it would be to have sponsors hooking me up with product, money and being able to travel the world for free. The biggest dream for me was hoping that one day I would have my own signature Pro Model Skateboard. The moment I stepped on a board something flicked on inside me, and to this day, 14yrs. later I still get stoked out when I skate. The cool part is that I gave my life to Jesus, within the same year that I turned Pro. God has had an amazing plan for my life ever since and has answered prayers in ways that I could have never imagined apart from Him. Give God your life today and see what exciting adventures and opportunities open up.

For His glory and eternal purpose.

Shalom :)





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Celebrate Recovery In Christ.

There is an amazing Church near my house in Forrest Grove, OR. ,where the Love of Jesus can be felt right when you enter the doors. I had the amazing privilege to share my story and skate for a large group from Celebrate Recovery last Fri. night at this very church.
   I was so blessed to be able to proclaim the good news of Jesus and invite those who haven’t passed from death to life through the cross of Christ, to do so immediately that night.
There were so many hands that went up after the call was given to to repent of sin and follow Jesus. It was awesome!
  A crazy twist to the story was that one of my favorite Pro Skaters as a kid growing up just so happened to be in this program/group, “mainly because of a court order”.
Even though he chose not to be there that night, I got to meet a few other solid bros who are rooming with him at the local restitution center. I am praying for this dude to get clean and surrender to God. This man would have a huge impact on so many lives in the city if that happened.
  Pray with me for this person. He is somewhat high profile, so out of respect for him and his family I chose not to name drop. God knows, please pray.
Thank you friends
    Tim B.
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Freestyle Flatland Skateboarding :)

I love the fact, that as a Freestyle Flatland Skater, I can go virtually anywhere and draw a crowd to engage and share the Gospel of Jesus.

I like to think that God designed this type of skateboarding for the mission field ;) This is a pic from a trip to Honduras.


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One of Portland’s premier skaters and up and comers in the skateboarding world is this shredder, Ben Sauer. Ben is seen in the pic holding his debut magazine spread.
Ben is one of the main reasons as to why I am stoked to be coming on staff at Skate Church here in the city.
Ben is not only a ripper on his board, but a solid follower of Jesus. Where Ben is at today as a Christ follower and skater, has a lot to do with the committed leaders, facility and pastors of Skate Church. Pray for Ben as he makes a potential move to SoCal to further his skating career. Pray that he continues to influence others with the Gospel through His sponsors, media coverage and demos. 

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After many yrs. of full time itinerant ministry (which I will still do). I am writing my first official missionary support letter so I can focus 100% to Pastor, disciple and share the Gospel with local skaters here in Portland. I will be on staff as the High School Pastor at Skate Church. I will be coming under their Non Profit ministry to build a team of supporters. Please pray for the will of God and not mine. I need wisdom as a leader more than ever. I am honored and blessed to have a friend like Paul Anderson that believes in me as a Pastor and Evangelist to this city. I am willing to do whatever it takes to cultivate and water the field that is in front of me. Praying and trusting God for the Harvest.

“The trials of a true minister are not few… Let no man who looks for ease of mind and seeks the quietude of life enter the ministry; if he does so he will flee from it in disgust.”  C.H. Spurgeon 1856

Thank you for your prayers.

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A pic from my brothers and sisters serving The Lord in Puerto de San Jose, Guatemala. This pic says it all :)




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Naples, FL!

Sharing the love of Jesus in Naples FL. last week.                                        God is good :)

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