This month is going to be an exciting month, with the opening of Hardflip in theaters and a busy travel schedule with festivals, camps and local outreaches. I am going to need the Lord to continue to show me His way and give me His words as I proclaim the Good News, Jesus. Please pray for these outreaches.

God has been teaching me one of the hardest lessons that I have had to learn in my 12 years as a Christ follower. He has been teaching me to remain still, steady and to simply trust God. As Christians, we should no longer place our stock in our feelings or what we naturally see. But we are to live by absolute faith in the Author & Finisher of our very existence.

As of lately I have been convicted of my restless “I need to produce” mentality. I have struggled with anxiety and worry ever since I was young. The funny thing is, on the surface everything appears great and put together. I have a healthy marriage, general good health, I am financially debt free, I can still do whatever I want with a skateboard, I have the amazing privilege to travel and share the Gospel for a job. The problem has been my unhealthy obsessive striving to formulate and figure out why or how I get to have this great life and how I can maintain it to assure that nothing “bad happens”. What I have been learning is that gauging good or bad is relative and depends on ones perspective. What never changes is the fact that, God is good, ALL the time!

Trusting God ALL the time can be difficult but it is the only way that we will keep rooted no matter what season of life we find ourselves in. Today I am choosing to have peace like never before and to draw closer to God through His Word and in prayer. Perspective is everything my friends, what’s yours?

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