What I’ve been up to the past few weeks 🙂 Liz and I led a retreat  for our local youth at a camp outside Portland. It was such a great time and I was blessed to see so many young girls open up to Liz and respond to her stories of a life lived for self vs.life lived for Jesus.
Also, this past week I was invited to Belize & India twice by 2 separate organizations (crazy) and a few local events on the burner as well. I’ve made a pact with my wife long ago that if an oversea host cannot afford to fly her with me then I will simply decline any out of country trips. The good news is we did partner with Rise Ministries for a week long trip to the Dominican Rep. In late June and we are really looking forward to that adventure. As for the current outreaches, we will be in Jefferson, OR for a Halloween outreach and a few days later, I will be speaking at a local Private Christian school with my friend Andrew Palau promoting the Winter Jam event followed up by the Raw Conference. Stoked that this is all happening right here in the beautiful State of Oregon in the next few weeks! If you want more info like my page on FB to get more details.
Above all the self promoting jargon, I really could use prayer for clarity on what God would have us to do this following year.
We have been blessed in so many ways, but I still have a restless attitude toward seeing people know, live and follow Jesus!

Thanks friends,
Tim B.

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