Tim Byrne has been in full time Skateboarding ministry since September 2000 by the end of 2001 Tim was considered one of the best Pro Freestyle Flatland Skaters in the world. Over the years Tim has skated and shared at every major Christian festival in the U.S., and has appeared at pretty much all the major Christian venues/churches and conferences too. Today, Tim continues to travel as a skateboarding evangelist a few times per month. He works alongside the Luis Palau Ministry as a member of NGA as well as speaks at large and small outreaches all over the globe (for more info on bringing Tim to your city, please email him direct on the booking page)

Tim is also a Pastor at Skate Church in Portland, OR. The Skatechurch that allows Tim the opportunity to minister inward as well itinerantly is the very first ministry of its kind. The Skatechurch in Portland, OR was started in 1987 by Multnomah Bible student Paul Anderson. Over the years Skatechurch has had 12,000 skaters come through the doors and close to 2000 profess Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior. Skatechurch’s model has been duplicated 1000′s of times over and has reached global status. Chances are, if you are familiar with that type of ministry or have one in your church or city, weather directly or indirectly that model of outreach was birthed in a Portland, OR parking lot by a couple of faithful skaters who began to teach the Word of God to a group that wasn’t being reached. The rest is history!

Tim Byrne is missionary to a world that needs Jesus, his reputation as a Christ follower, evangelist, skateboarder is without question amongst those who have encountered Tim’s ministry over the years. Tim raises his salary as a missionary of Skatechurch through the generous support of churches, family and people like yourself. The demos and ministry honorariums help too. All donations over $10 are tax deductible and can go through Skatechurch’s 501c3.

Tim and Liz (his wife of 10 yrs.) choose to live a modest lifestyle in the city.
When you support our ministry please know that you are supporting only my basic needs to live and be freed up to share the gospel, teach the Word and love people well. Liz and I live a 100% debt free lifestyle, we try to be intentional with our finances. We both choose to live beneath our means so that we can be freed up to share the Gospel teach the Word and set an example for those around us.

Thank you for your partnership and monthly support, or one time gift, it truly helps. Please feel free to contact me at timbyrneministry@gmail.com for any questions or prayer needs that you might have. Here is the link to click for our ministry support. This link will bring you to the donate page where you scroll for my name to set up a monthly support or one time gift. http://skatechurch.net/donate/index.php

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