This past week and weekend I spent some down time in my hometown of Rolla, MO hanging out with my Mom & Dad. The Risefest festival trip to Iowa worked out great too. We drove about 8hrs. to get there so I could skate and speak on Saturday. It was a blessing hanging out with my Dad, who shot this photo of me pointing up gesturing “Glory to God”. Definitely a great Fathers Day! I was thankful that Risefest had a rather large live feed screen so that when, I shared and especially when I skated, the 5000 in attendance could see everything.

Sharing the Good news of Jesus & trying to connect folks with the Heavenly Father on Fathers Day weekend was epic!

Thanks for your prayers.
Tim B.

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This month is going to be an exciting month, with the opening of Hardflip in theaters and a busy travel schedule with festivals, camps and local outreaches. I am going to need the Lord to continue to show me His way and give me His words as I proclaim the Good News, Jesus. Please pray for these outreaches.

God has been teaching me one of the hardest lessons that I have had to learn in my 12 years as a Christ follower. He has been teaching me to remain still, steady and to simply trust God. As Christians, we should no longer place our stock in our feelings or what we naturally see. But we are to live by absolute faith in the Author & Finisher of our very existence.

As of lately I have been convicted of my restless “I need to produce” mentality. I have struggled with anxiety and worry ever since I was young. The funny thing is, on the surface everything appears great and put together. I have a healthy marriage, general good health, I am financially debt free, I can still do whatever I want with a skateboard, I have the amazing privilege to travel and share the Gospel for a job. The problem has been my unhealthy obsessive striving to formulate and figure out why or how I get to have this great life and how I can maintain it to assure that nothing “bad happens”. What I have been learning is that gauging good or bad is relative and depends on ones perspective. What never changes is the fact that, God is good, ALL the time!

Trusting God ALL the time can be difficult but it is the only way that we will keep rooted no matter what season of life we find ourselves in. Today I am choosing to have peace like never before and to draw closer to God through His Word and in prayer. Perspective is everything my friends, what’s yours?

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The inspirational movie, Hardflip, I had the honor of being a part of is in theaters tomorrow. You can find out more about the movie here.


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These last few days I have been in Woodstock, GA. I had the privilege to fly out here for the soccer Upwards Awards ceremony to be the main speaker/entertainment. I really am encouraged how a program/resource like this, that is “Christ centered” brings in families from all walks of life so that the local church has a huge opportunity to share and be the Gospel of Jesus to the kids & especially to the parents that are involved. They had over a 1000 people in attendance with many responding to the Gospel message last night. Seeing people receive Jesus as Lord & Savior is what it is all about! Thankful that these kind folks brought me out to speak & flip my board around.
Here is a pic of what my skatepark “an 8x8ft. Square” looks like on stage. This is my typical low maintenance set up.
Thank you for your prayers.

Tim B.

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This past week I flew up to Ontario, Canada to skate & speak at school assemblies and nightly outreaches. I was stoked to see my longtime friends such as Brock Gill, CZ, Vota, and the crew from Outcast BMX.
We were all brought up there by the Billy Graham Team, which is a huge honor for anybody in ministry. The night that Will Graham shared I was encouraged by how many people responded to the Gospel of Jesus! However that final night I was side lined from some injuries that occurred while trying a new flip trick on something high and sketchy…Brock Gill inspired the idea ;)
God is good, and I cannot say it enough how blessed I was to be apart of this amazing week.

This pic is of Will Graham and I.


I also decided to keep our Green Room poster as well, just for memories when I’m old & gray.


All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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Hardflip opening in select theaters.


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Years ago I worked with Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) on a few outreaches. I remember telling them what a huge impact “Pistol” Pete Maravich had on me as a kid.

I could somewhat relate in terms of how close he was with his dad and his drive and commitment to be a Pro Basketball player. My drive to be a Pro skater and one of the best in the world wasn’t much different.

The cool thing that I didn’t realize was Pete later gave his life to Jesus. I remember FCA mailing me his lifestory/testimony. I was blown away and even more inspired by our awesome God.

Here is my favorite sports figure sharing how Jesus saved him and changed his life. Pete went to be with Jesus less than a year later, due to heart complications.

See you in heaven Pete.
Tim B.

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I packed my gear and got on a plane to spend this past weekend at a smaller youth camp, located outside of Monroe, LA.

It was great skating, speaking, fishing and playing outdoor games with the kids and their families. It is trips like these that make you feel humbled and blessed to be in ministry for an occupation.

Very thankful that these kind folks pulled their budget together to have me out.

God is good!
Tim B.

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I’m stoked about being invited back to RiseFest 2012! Check out this article that was posted on the KIWA-AM website.

Professional skateboarder Tim Byrne added to RiseFest

SHELDON—Rise Ministries announces professional freestyle skateboard evangelist Tim Byrne has been added to this summer’s RiseFest lineup. Byrne joins a lineup of music that already includes Tenth Avenue North, Natalie Grant, Matt Maher, Rapture Ruckus, and Remedy Drive. “Tim Byrne is one of the top freestyle skateboarders in the world.” Said founder and President of RISE Ministries Rob Roozeboom, “What he can do with a skateboard in an 8-by-8 area is unbelievable. But what really stands out is his friendship, his passion, and desire to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. It’s always a blessing to have Tim at the festival.” RiseFest is Saturday, June 16, at Sheldon Crossing.

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Recently I have had a few inquiries about one of our home based ministries here in Portland. I hope this synopsis helps and gives you a little more insight as to what I do. Pray how you could possibly start something like this in your community.

“Jesus Pizza”
This is a high school focused outreach that is completely student led. We purchase 20 pizzas (supported by our church) and take them to the High School that is less than a mile from our home. We meet in a classroom where
1 of 7 student leaders shares a verse out of the Bible and how it relates to them and others, also followed by the invite to receive Christ. The classroom is usually packed with students!

These meetings take place once a week on Thursdays after school for 1 hour. Jesus Pizza is seen by the school as a “student club”. I think it is so awesome that these kids can share their faith on campus and have the platform and support to do so.

Where Liz & I come in and put our main focus is our early 6am breakfast on Thursdays at our house for the Jesus Pizza student leaders only.

This is where we listen to whoever is speaking that afternoon and give our feedback. We also kick around other ideas for outreach. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have serious student leaders with vision and focus. Our (Liz & me) goal is to disciple these young leaders and equip them to be even more effective for the Kingdom as they breathe and live life.

Please pray for these amazing leaders as they continue to follow after Jesus and impact their surroundings.

Thank you & God bless,
Tim B.

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