Lyndan, WA “A Day At The Fair”

I had a rad time in Lyndan, WA yesterday. It was an honor to partner with my friend Sean Taylor from Big Oak Ministries to go out and skate/ share the gospel of Jesus at their County Fair.

The first show in the afternoon was a battle, I went to share the Gospel and my fully charged mic battery died within the first few minutes. After we got that settled, someone unplugged our entire sound system when I was getting to the point and inviting people to pass from death to life in Christ Jesus. I then sent word to my social media friends and got people praying for the night time outreach. It went so much better and we could all tell the difference. Even though we battle with stuff that is not of flesh and blood (Ephesians 6). There is a very real battle for each and every soul to cross over that threshold to God’s grace,goodness and glory through Jesus.
Let us keep pressing on in sharing the most important news that anyone could ever hear.
The Gospel!
Thank you for praying friends.
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Livin’ it

  I was stoked to see this in our library today in Portland. We filmed this movie over 10 years ago. This is the project that led me to meet my wife and move to Portland to work with the Luis Palau team for a short time. I still remember Stephen Baldwin loaning me his travel trailer to stay in, until I was married to Liz and got our own place. This DVD moved well over 250,000+ copies in its “hey day” making it the most widely distributed DVD of its kind. I still hear testimonies of people who gave their lives to Jesus and started ministries based on what they saw or heard about us doing. Such good memories :)

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NW Washington Fair 8/12/14

I’ll be flying up to the Northwest Washington Fair this next Tues. in Lyndan,WA. I am stoked to be partnering once again with my bro Sean A Taylor to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus.  Please pray with us!


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It was rad to be able to spend a week and half with these bros in Fairbanks AK, sharing the Gospel and the gifts God has given us. Thank you for your prayers. 

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It was such a rad night to serve alongside such great leaders that have a heart to pour into the lives of this generation and equip them well with sound training to take the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Stoked to share the stage with bros like Josh Yates and Greg Stier from Dare 2 Share Ministries and Sonlife. Here’s to many more, God willing :)

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Please pray :)

The last few weekends, I have been speaking and skating at church’s and camps in the NW. as well as being with the guys at SkateChurch during the week. Please pray for my time tonight at the “Muve Conference” as I speak on the importance of sharing the Gospel and not missing opportunities. I am then on a plane heading for Fairbanks Alaska tomorrow for the next week and a half doing outreaches. 

Thank you for praying!

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We had a few new faces last night at Skate Church. Anthony here won the best trick trophy by wearing a pair of these old poofy Circa shoes. He got a board slide down the handrail for the win, while wearing shoes that are bigger than him ;) I can see that the dudes are really stoked on our weekly contests. I love making trophies and giving stuff away, but even more than that, this is the only place that most of these guys will ever hear the Gospel of Jesus or see older guys like myself and our leaders open the Bible and read it with them.

God is good :) Please pray for our ministry to the skaters here.

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Happy 4TH Everyone

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Skate Church

Justin is a young talented ripper. I always get stoked every week seeing this guy and the great attitude that he has when he walks in the door of Skate Church. Pray for our skaters/leaders as they take the Gospel to the skate parks around our city. 

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I Love My Job

Sometimes the grind boxes/ ledges inside the Skate Church building just don’t have the same feel as grinding your very first car :) “Crooked Grind up and over by none other than Ben Sauer.”

Yep, I’ve found the greatest Pastoring job ever!  



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