“Spread The Love”

Over the years I have seen 100′s of thousands of people give their lives to Jesus. There is something powerful when we share our personal testimony that is rooted in the Word of God and His love for us. So when we speak from that posture by way of
His Holy Spirit that dwells in us. That Word of His love goes out though us and penetrates the souls of others and plants an imbedded lasting seed of His Kingdom’s promises and providence for our lives.

The Gospel of Jesus is simply the greatest love letter that we could ever read, hear, or share.

(John 15: 12,13)

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Death 2 Life in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ
I had the privilege last week to fly down to Arizona and partner with my friends from Death 2 Life Ministries as well as BBC Church. It was such a great night with good food & music. I even judged a skateboarding contest right before I went on to do my thing. It was a great night and the Gospel of Jesus was proclaimed. We had a great response from the students too. Partnering with good friends, sharing the Gospel and utilizing our gifts. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

God is good!

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Prepping for the New Year!

2013 was an amazing year with over 40 different opportunities to share the good news of Jesus all over the US and in other countries! God provides, just check out the following, that is last years schedule. So awesome!


24th-27th  (Witchita, KS. Epic Church)



21st (Forrest Grove, OR. Assembly of God)

26th-28th (Minooka, IL. Grace Bible Church)



3rd-5th (Sterling, KY.  Gateway Christian Church)

8th-10th ( Huntersville, N.C. Lake Norman Baptist Church)

15th-21st (Anchorage, AK. Maldonado Community Church)

22nd-23rd (Detroit, MI. Knox Pres. Church)



4th (Rolla, MO filming for XLTV/TBN)

16th (Portland, OR. Teen Challenge Chapel service)

18th-20th (Denver N.C. Denver Baptist Church)



14th (Beaverton, OR  ”Kids Rock”at Bethany Elementary)

31st (Portland, OR  Inner city High School outreach)



25th-30th (Dominican Republic trip with Liz)



11th-15th (Honduras trip with Liz)

18th-19th (Tracy, CA. Grace Church)

21st-22nd (Galax, VA. Cornerstone Community Church)

24th (Happy Valley, OR. Skatepark Outreach)

25th-27th ( Neosho, MO. Abundant Life Church)



10th (St. Helens OR. River Fest) NGA

12th-15th (Lynden, WA. County Fair Outreach) NGA

30th-31st. (Lakeland, FL Sonfest Youth Conference)




2nd (Portland, OR. Lintz Park Outreach) NGA

3rd. (Portland, OR D2L interview/filming)

21st-23rd. ( Martinsville, IN. First Baptist Church)



3-6th (Calistoga, CA. Rock of Ages festival)

8th-10th (Englewood, CO. Cherry Creek Pres.)

13th-17th (Chester, VA. Ironbridge Baptist Church)

31st (Warren, OR Warren Community Church)



7th-11th (Charlotte N.C. Youth Conference)



14th (Portland, OR. Angel Tree outreach/CMBC)

17th (Portland, OR.  D.H.S. Foster Care outreach with “A Jesus Church”)


I am looking forward to 2014, please keep us in your prayers.


Thank you friends

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2013′s Best Moment

This past year Liz and I were invited to Choloma, Honduras for an outreach/block party at a Christian School. The school was located in one of the roughest areas of the city. So much so that we were told to get on the main road by sundown, due to violence and kidnappings. Since the whole neighborhood was invited, it gave the ministry time a whole new feel. I could discern immediately that there was a real battle for souls and that the Gospel of Jesus needed to be clearly preached with grace and truth. So after I finished my skating demo my translator and I went to work in proclaiming the Gospel.

Now, I’m not some “hyper spiritual” skewed theology type. But what took place in that school yard was nothing short of the word “miraculous”.

As I ended my message and began praying for people who responded to the Good news of salvation in Christ. I suddenly went blind and deaf in both ears. In the photo below you can see a very strange hays around me, this was the time when I had depleted. When I came to my senses again, I was standing in the midst of this 1000+ people audience with an obvious language barrier, with the feeling that I had been standing there for hours. “Awkward.”

In the midst of my fading out I felt the presence of the Lord in that time and it felt like I was somewhere else. As I came too, I looked over to my translator and asked how long had I been gone, and she was baffled and thought I was having some sort of heat stroke. Because all she saw was me praying clearly then standing back up, she said that no time had passed at all.

The response that day was awesome too and many surrendered their lives to Jesus. I still do not know how to piece this story together, maybe it was just the heat that was getting to me, and maybe fog sometimes shows up in a photo. All I know is the Good news of Jesus was preached and the Holy Spirit did a great work in that school yard. I am reminded of Ephesians: 6 when I think about our time in that area.
Praying for 2014!

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First and foremost I am thankful that Jesus exchanged His perfect holy life for mine. With that said, I am thankful for my new life in Christ that gets better and better everyday.
I am thankful for family and friends especially my amazing wife Liz. I am thankful for all my sponsors and close friends that have encouraged me to stick with and pursue my dreams even in the midst of trials and uncertainties. I am thankful that I have been able to keep skating and progressing, as well as being available and healthy enough to travel the world and spread the Gospel of Jesus for over 13yrs.
Enjoy this edit and share it with those who need to be reminded of God’s powerful love and plan for His kids. Happy Thanksgiving friends.
Tim B.

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Fear of God

Define Fear Of God?

This is a great reminder to be stirred up in the awe and wonderment of our Creator!

This defines the “fear of God” the way that the Hebrew writers experienced life with Yahweh.


Enjoy and be blessed.

Tim B.

Question: How does Judaism define Fear of God?

How does Judaism define fear of God? The Lord asked the Israelites (Hebrews) to fear Him. I figure it can’t mean to be incapacitated or run screaming because that would take/keep you away from God.

Answer: Thanks for your question about “fearing God.” I’m glad you ask it because many people, I think, misunderstand the term.

The most common terms used in the Hebrew Bible for “fearing” God are words related to Yirah. This word’s root also appears in related terms used in the rabbinic literature: Yirat HaShem, “Fearing God’s Name”; Yirat Shamayim, “Fearing Heaven”; and Yirat Cheit, “Fearing Sin.”

There is no one-to-one correspondence between any two words from two different languages. While Yirah usually is translated as “fear,” its usage suggests a meaning that might also be translated with the English word “awe.” Different Hebrew words are used in the Bible for the kind of anxious fear one might describe as “dread” or “loathing.”

The Hebrew Bible’s concept of “fearing God,” therefore, can be compared to the feeling of looking at the nighttime sky and being awed by the immensity of space and simultaneously terrified by the thought of our smallness in such a vast expanse. That is to say, it is the feeling of being overwhelmed by a reality greater than oneself and greater than that encountered in ordinary life. It is the feeling that the theologian Rudolf Otto called the Mysterium Tremendum.

That is a different experience than the anxiety one has in the course of everyday life — although, it must be admitted, they are not distantly related as human emotions. What is clear to me, though, is that “fearing God” is not a compulsion that makes you cringe or causes you to make poor choices, as you might if you always were afraid of a person or thing.

Rather, “fearing God,” is living life with a trembling awareness that life has meaning — that the choices you make have consequences of ultimate significance. To “fear” God as a Jew means to hone within yourself an awareness of the divine Presence around you all the time. One who fears God in this way would never say, “It does not matter how I behave in this circumstance because no one will ever know.”

To live in this way is a profound and spiritual experience. Yet, Jewish tradition says that, in addition to experiencing the fear of God, a person also should develop an awareness of the love of God. The Jewish liturgy says that God loves us with an unending, infinite love. Just as we wish to feel the awe of God around us, we also should desire to know and to feel that we are loved — deeply and passionately — by God. 

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Halloween Night

I was invited to speak and skate on Halloween night at Warren Community Church in Warren, OR. What a privilege, thank you Jesus!

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Iron Bridge Outreach

After 8 school assemblies and a formal outreach last night in Chester,  VA. We were able to share the Gospel with 1000′s of students. It was awesome to see so many parents responding to the invitation last night and standing with their kids to repent of sin and follow Jesus. What an awesome night! A huge thanks to my bro Chris Palmer from Iron Bridge Baptist Church for having me out.
Thank you Jesus!

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Rock Of Ages Festival!

The pic is of last weekends outreach response to follow Jesus!
I was stoked to once again be invited back for my 11th yr. To Rock Of Ages Festival, held in Calistoga, CA. Thank you for your prayers.

Tim B.

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“Death to Life” edit coming soon!

Truly blessed to be a part of this ministry and be able to speak into skaters lives the Gospel of Jesus. I am thankful too, for my friend and bro in Christ, Josh Garrels for letting us use some of his music free of charge. Check him out @ www.joshgarrels.com
I am really looking forward to the impact that this is going to have for the Kingdom.
My bro John Andrus did a fantastic job filming and editing this piece.

God is good!
Tim B.

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